Honor, Courage and Commitment of The US Marine Core Values

All these really are the marine Core Values: to be honest in your transactions with others, to possess the dedication to your own duties and duties, as well as the guts to do what has to be achieved.

The ideals of courage, honor and commitment all boil down to the caliber of conforming to some high moral standard if it is not easy, ethics or life threatening.  You can know more about it here.

USMC-Devil-Dogs-Mens-Stainless-Steel-RingHonor In Word And Deed

Honor has consistently implied equity, truthfulness and ethics. An honest man lie would not steal, or do less than their finest. Acting in the Navy means being willing to understand, putting out fair attempt, treating others with respect, taking responsibility for one’s activities and managing oneself in an ethical manner all the time. Being honest means fulfilling the obligations of one not out of necessity but out of personal pride as well as an actual sense of right and wrong and being true.

The Moral Fortitude Of Courage

Bravery is cowardly in extreme conditions. Nerve means getting the moral and private fortitude to do what’s right, even if it is not easy. As a marine service man or girl, nerve identifies defending land, American citizens and property . In addition, it describes performing whatever tasks must support goals and marine assignments. Courage also means managing military property with honesty and ethics, despite temptations. Nerve means staying the course, unswayed pain by anxiety or temptation, ensuring that jobs are performed as they were supposed to be.


Commitment are loyalties and duties. To marine service men as well as girls, obligation describes their readiness to obey orders, their devotion to the welfare and well being of American citizens to performing their responsibilities in the most effective way possible, as well as their loyalty. Dedication additionally encompasses a vow to take care of the integrity and respectability of the Navy by showing respect to all or any individuals, irrespective of race, faith or gender. The Navy needs a dedication to technical expertise, good moral character and personal development in the performance of the responsibilities of one.

Residing and working honest in word and deed, the guts to do what’s right in the face of challenges as well as the dedication to the marine mission as explained in the marine Core Values represent the marine’s obligation to American citizens and American ideals: justice and freedom for all.

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