America, Past and Present of US Patriotism

The phrase patriotism is a word that sadly is rarely used in this modern day and age. When America was in it’s first periods, this word derived two centuries past in the early 1700’s. The Merriam/Webster Dictionary describes the word patriotism plus it significance is mentioned in the dictionary as; love for or devotion to one’s nation.

A historic action of true patriotism was when Patrick Henry proclaimed his eternal shout “Give me liberty or give me death.” Henry was a true American patriot who faced losing independence in his cherished America, while it fought against the rule in England in this new land. America was the hope for independence and without anxiety or mental reservation Patrick Henry would preferably be put to death afterward not live free in his precious America.

Through the centuries patriotism stayed powerful in The United States as it is people united through the many trials and wars including, the Civil War, the Spanish American war, World Wars I and the Second World War in America with their commander in chief. During those difficult times in The United States all Americans banded together and stood strong in their love for their nation as well as in unity. In the various wars that have been fought as well as those rough times, quite a few patriotic songs were composed and sung with ones right hand above their heart. Some age old patriotic songs which were sung regularly by Americans for generations are; My Country ‘Tis of Thee, You’re America the Beautiful, God Bless America, and A Grand Old Flag. These tunes that are heartfelt tell and describe of what patriotism is about a narrative, as well as the words to the tunes proclaim devotion and a deep love for America.

Patriotic songs were popular and were frequently sung in schools, churches, and sporting events, they were a section of regular life in The United States, when they slowly and very gradually began to vanish from our society before the mid 1960’s. It’s on rare occasion in the year 2010 that one will hear or sing the patriotic songs recorded above.

Despite just what the world says proclaiming love for America is patriotism. Standing with our troops is patriotism. Looking out for the greater good of the country and not ones own private gain is patriotism. Fully being a unified state and standing strong in unity against anyone or anything who endangers the liberties that Americans have held dear because the arrival of the great country, is patriotism.

Someplace over the past few decades patriotism has seemingly vanished from regular lives of Americans. No further do we begin our day together with patriotic songs, or with the Pledge of Allegiance. No further do American begin their day within their schools or at their occupations with prayer to bless this great country. It looks as though Americans don’t recall that it was that our sons, our grandfathers, our fathers, our brothers as well as our forefathers have fought for and given their lives for independence sake, to keep America free.

We’ve come into a time and place in history where it’s not politically correct to support our courageous, patriotic armed forces who are fighting for our liberty now and also to be patriotic. A lot of people in this great land are against our military in fighting wars for our independence being involved. Those people who are against our participation in wars that keep us free and safe, are fundamentally against patriotism and due to the insufficient unity and patriotism in The United States now, our liberties are unfortunately, fast, slipping away from us.

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